Costa Rica is one of the best tourist destinations of the world; there’s been significant growth, and as consequence, Costa Rica property options for rent and for sale have multiplied.

There are numerous tourist projects in many towns and Brasilito is one of them. Located in the West Coast of Costa Rica, Brasilito is perfect for tourist adventures, for living, and even investing!

How is Access to Brasilito Beach?

Brasilito is located in Guanacaste Province, bordering with the Pacific Coast; the town has an ideal location for transportation. It is located just over an hour away from the international airport in Liberia; for those who enter or leave Costa Rica through San José, the ride between both towns takes over 4 hours. Nevertheless, there are other options if this is the case.

BrasilitoBeach is located just half an hour from the beach town Tamarindo; here, you can use the national airport that offers domestic flights to and from different locations, including San José.

Brasilito Beach, along with Conchal and Flamingo Beach, is part of the “Gold Coast”; it makes reference to the trio of beaches that have crystal clear waters and gray sand, similar to the Caribbean.

ThePotential of Small Brasilito Beach Town: CostaRica Property

Although the great growth can already be observed, Brasilito still has potential for more; this was once a small town, that is still quite, but it is significantly developing.

The area is not as big and developed as the neighboring Conchal and Flamingo; however, there are numerous options for tourists with all types of budgets, including more economic ones.

Brasilito may be small and not as developed, but this is only temporary; there are real estate investment opportunities right inBrasilito Beach.

Costa Rica Property

There is actually ocean front property for sale in Brasilito Beach; the territories available are ready to be bought and starting tourist projects. You have the opportunity to rent, buy (and live) or even invest for further profit in this tropical paradise!

Vacationing or Living in Costa Rica in Brasilito Beach

This paradisiacal beach is surrounded by two very developed beach towns; however, it still maintains a local vibe, it’s quiet and more local than international.

In the “Gold Coast”, if you want to feel the“Tico” vibe and “Pura Vida lifestyle”, you must visit Brasilito; furthermore, of the three towns of this famous trio, Brasilito is actually the one with the most affordable options.

As opposed to the encompassing beach towns of Brasilito, Flamingo and Conchal, this town is an actual Tico settlement; therefore, you can easily interact with them.

Fishing is a popular activity in Brasilito, and so are other water activities; these are the most popular, but you can also go on land adventures. Furthermore, you can visit the neighboring beach towns and other nearby attractions.

Popular Activities you Can Do for Fun Vacationingor Living in Costa Rica in BrasilitoBeach

Costa Rica property is located near the clear waters of the Pacific; and most of the tourist activities are water sports. You can go swimming, sportfishing and others like snorkeling or scuba diving.

You can also do standup paddleboard and other similar activities; Pura Vida, you can visit the neighboring beach towns, just a few minutes away. On the other hand, there are also land adventures available.

You can also experience the beach, from the land; you can go on fabulous horseback rides along the coastline; in addition, if you like adventure, you could also try the exciting ATV tours.

Costa Rica Property

You can also go on hikes and in not too far locations, you could do zip lining, and more. In addition, you can visit the nearby Reserva Conchal; this is a wildlife sanctuary that will take your breath away.

How are Transportation Services in Brasilito Beach?

Transportation services are quite efficient inBrasilito Beach, as they are in the whole country; however, the recommendation is always to seek private transportation services, in order to ensure more comfort.

Brasilito Beach has developed enough to have the majority of its road spaved and facilitate transportation; you can easily travel around the town and visit other beaches.

Nevertheless, due to heavy rains in the green season and new areas being developed, there are some dirt roads; in this regard, it is advisable that you rent a 4×4 wheel drive, in order to make sure your vehicle will be up to the task.

There are also shuttle buses available in these private transportation services; whether you need to go to the airport or go on an exciting adventure, you won’t need to worry about transportation.

Are there Establishments for Fun in BrasilitoBeach?

Brasilito does not fall short in restaurants and cafés available; there are a few restaurants, like Café del Manglar, Papaya Restaurant, La Casita del Pescado, The Spot and more.

In these restaurants youcan find dishes that have the best of the local cuisine; the Costa Ricangastronomy is composed of many seafood dishes and it uses flavors of exoticlocal ingredients like juice of typical fruits.

Furthermore, these cafés and restaurants also have a distinctive international influence; some of French, some of Italian and many others, the international influence is present in the different establishments.

Of course, there are also typical establishments, as it is the case of SodaBrasilito which offers classic Tico dishes; you can also have a few drinks inthese establishments and enjoy the marvelous sunsets from them.

Brasilito Beach: An Undiscovered Jewel

If you are lucky enough to visit and even consider living in Brasilito, you must take this opportunity. This still unspoiled area is experiencing incredible growth, and you can be a part of it. It has unbelievable real estate investment opportunities; if you’re interested in buying property in Costa Rica, the oceanfront property for sale can become a luxurious paradise.

It is important to keep in mind that Costa Rica is careful and very protective of its natural resources; therefore, if you are considering in buying property in Costa Rica, remember that there are restrictions, and time is ticking. Costa Rica property in Brasilito Beach is something you need to experience for yourself; pay a visit to this paradise and you will soon fall in love with this tropical town.

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