The CostaRica real estate has become the main focus of investment for the country. Developers around the country are offering great investment opportunitiesparticularly in hotel and condo complexes development projects.

Investors are increasingly interested in hotel and condo complexes development projects. This is, of course, because they know the amazing investment opportunities they offer, considering the ever-rising number of tourists that come into the country. As well as the rising number of expats choosing to start living inCosta Rica.

Thesedevelopment projects are centered in and around Costa Rica’s “GoldCoast”, in the Guanacaste Province. The “Gold Coast” is the maincenter of investment for the country. After all, they do not call it the”Gold Coast” for nothing.

The”Gold Coast” lays along the Guanacaste Province’s incrediblybeautiful Pacific coastline. It encompasses some of the most beautiful Pacificbeaches in Costa Rica, including Playa Tamarindo, Playa Conchal, Costa Rica,and Flamingo, Costa Rica.

Are thereany special requirements for foreigners looking to invest in the Costa Ricareal estate?

Costa Ricamanages a very liberal economy. The country’s government has worked very hardto make buying property in Costa Rica for foreigners very easy. Becauseof this, both locals and foreigners have almost the same rights when buyingproperty in Costa Rica.

The reason behind the government efforts is that they want to attract foreign investment into the country in order to create more jobs for locals. This foreign investment will also help develop towns and stimulate the local economy. This, in turn, will improve the local population’s standards of living.

The onlyinstance when locals and foreigners do not have the same rights is when buyingbeachfront Costa Rica real estate properties. About 95% of allbeachfront Costa Rica real estate property in Costa Rica is consideredconcession property. Acquiring concession property is the only time whenrestrictions apply to foreigners.

What doesit take for foreigners to acquire beachfront property in Costa Rica?

If the CostaRica real estate property in question is not within the Maritime Zone, saidproperty is considered titled property. There are no special requirements forforeigners buying titled property. So arriving in the country with a touristsvisa will do.

However, ifsaid Costa Rica real estate property does lay within the Maritime Zone, thenthe beachfront Costa Rica property is considered concession property. Itis in this case that certain restrictions apply for foreigners looking toacquire said beachfront Costa Rica property.

Foreigners looking to acquire a beachfront Costa Rica concession property can only do so with a Costa Rican partner. Also, foreigners who want to acquire a CostaRica real estate concession property can only be minority owners, owning up to 49% of a concession.

Costa Rica Real Estate Flamingo Beach
Costa Rica Real Estate Flamingo Beach

Foreigners can only be majority owners of a concession if they have been residents of Costa Rica for longer than 5 years.

What is thedifference between titled property and concession property in the Costa Ricareal estate?

Titled property is the most common type of property in Costa Rica. Owning titled CostaRica real estate property gives you the absolute legal recognized rights ofpossession and ownership of an estate.

Titled land gives the owner the most rights under Costa Rican law, no matter if you are a Costa Rican national or a foreigner. As a titled landowner, you are free to sell, lease or improve your land at your own will.

Concession property is all property within the Maritime Zone, and it is not up for ownership of any kind. Concession property gives the owner the right to use and enjoy a specific land or property, located in Maritime Zone, for a pre-determined period of time.

A Concession is actually a lease granted by the government for a specific period of time, usually 20 years. The concession is usually renewed at the end of each period.

What are this Costa Rica real estate investment opportunities close to Flamingo?

In PlayaBrasilito, only a five-minute drive away from Flaming, Costa Rica, you will find the incredible Nautica Costa Rica real estate property. This amazing titled beachfront Costa Rica property is intended for both residential and commercial development purposes.

The NauticaCosta Rica real estate property is divided into two development sites. These are the Condo / Hotel Site and the Condo Project Nautica. The property also offers the Restaurant / Rental Area and the Owner’s Area.

This amazing Costa Rica real estate property unique location in the middle of the “Gold Coast” means that it is perfect for the development of a hotel complex. This would highly increase the number of tourists that come intoPlaya Brasilito, as well as create jobs for the local population.

Furthermore, being located only a five-minute drive from Flamingo, Costa Rica, means that residents of the Condo Project Nautica would have access to the Flamingo Marina. The Flamingo Marina offers to service the yachting, sailing, and fishing community in the region.

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