Spring break is a fabulous time to enjoy a well-deserved vacation; vacations and Guanacaste Costa Rica real estate are two things you can take the chance to enjoy in one visit.

The first days of March are when these holidays will be celebrated and Costa Rica is the perfect destination; more specifically, there are three highly recommended towns in Guanacaste Province: Flamingo, Brasilito and Conchal Beach.

Playa Flamingo Costa Rica

Playa Flamingo Costa Rica is an incredible destination to stay for spring break; visit weather you’re taking the opportunity to relax as you well must deserve or you are looking for investment opportunities.

Flamingo Beach is one of the best destinations for tourism; not only does it already have incredible facilities and establishments providing amazing services, it’s still growing.

Playa Flamingo Costa Rica is, on the one hand, a place with very luxurious resorts and services; on the other hand, the area did not have a developed town previous to this tourist activity.

Guanacaste Costa Rica Real Estate
Guanacaste Costa Rica Real Estate

For this reason, you might consider it to still be underdeveloped and lacking of some services. Nevertheless, it is located near Liberia’s International Airport between Brasilito and Potrero Beaches.

What Can you, and Cannot Do in Playa Flamingo Costa Rica?

As with every destination, there are pros and cons to choosing Playa Flamingo Costa Rica as your destination. For starters, swimming in this beautiful beach is going to be an unforgettable experience; in addition, these clear waters are also perfect for sport fishing.

Accommodations have amazing luxurious options and transportation is not a problem, considering it is also near Liberia’s Airport.

Furthermore, the recent growth of the area has resulted in new shops and restaurants; however, if you are seeking for a very active nightlife, there is none here.

Nevertheless, that does not have to be a problem; you can visit Tamarindo which is just a few minutes away by car and find all those type of services.

Brasilito Beach Costa Rica

This is another excellent destination to choose for your spring break; weather you mean to relax or you are searching investment opportunities, Brasilito Beach is an incredible area in Guanacaste Province.

The beach is located South of Flamingo Beach, and it is part of the” Golden Beaches” of Costa Rica; this is a title that three beaches receive.

Costa Rica Rica Estate Flamingo Beach
Costa Rica Rica Estate Flamingo Beach

Therefore, Guanacaste Costa Rica Real Estate and vacations in Brasilito Beach are more than a great idea. Not only can you relax, swim and have lots of fun in beautiful Brasilito; you can also be a part of the growth of this incredible area.

What Can you Do in Brasilito Beach?

There are numerous activities you can do in this beautiful area; you can go horseback riding and on ATV tours as a way to delight from the landscapes bordering the coastline. In addition, water activities are very popular in Brasilito Beach.

You can go on scuba diving tours to nearby islands; or if you prefer, you can visit national parks of the province. It should take you an hour to get to the nearest.

Playa Conchal Costa Rica

Playa Conchal Costa Rica is another of the three beaches that compose the so-called “Golden Beaches”. The beach is located South of Brasilito Beach; it receives its name due to the little crushed shells on the sand.

There are options for camping in this beach; however, there are also luxurious accommodation options. Furthermore, it has turquoise waters that make it a delight for water sports and simply relaxing.

What Can you Do in Playa Conchal Costa Rica?

The clear waters of the area make this beach perfect for water sports such as swimming or snorkeling. In addition, there are other activities available like deep sea fishing and scuba diving; the abundant wildlife of the area also allows this. In addition, the weather is excellent throughout the year that help you guarantee your plans won’t get spoiled.

Guanacaste Costa Rica Real Estate and Vacations this Spring Break 2019

If you’re looking for investment opportunities and you want to get away for a few days, visit Guanacaste, Costa Rica. These three beaches are located in paradisiacal areas where growth is unstoppable, sustainable, and a great place to consider boosting your economy.

The possibilities for investing and having a fruitful company in Costa Rica are enormous at this time.

Furthermore, when it’s supposed to be “spring break”, many towns up North are still carrying the cold winter temperatures; therefore, a getaway trip to Costa Rica, and specifically to either of these towns is a great idea.

This is a perfect way to get the rest that you well deserve and assess the investment possibilities; Guanacaste Costa Rica Real Estate and Vacations this spring break 2019 will be one of your best decisions.

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