Playa Flamingo Costa Rica is a beautiful beach in Guanacaste Province with white sand and a promising future regarding tourism; this paradisiacal area has had a significant growth lately, and now represents a great opportunity for vacationers and even investors.

The existing community in Flamingo has resulted from the installment of many tourist facilities and is now a great destination.

How is Playa Flamingo Costa Rica?

This beach may not be your typical Costa Rican town; however, it is no less beautiful for that. This area of incredible beauty is located near the also popular Brasilito Beach (to the South); to the North is Potrero Beach.

However, there is a remarkable difference between Flamingo and many other popular beach towns in Guanacaste: this is not an oldCosta Rican town that has developed.

On the contrary, this area that was once not populated has seen the installment of new tourist facilities; from hotels, to resorts, restaurants and other attractions,Flamingo Costa Rica has changeddrastically.

This once deserted paradise now has great investment opportunities regarding Costa Rica beach real estate; this is a promising land for living,vacationing, and investing!

Activities Available in Flamingo Costa Rica

The factthat Flamingo doesn’t have a typical Costa Rican community doesn’t mean thatthere is nothing to do here; on the contrary, there are many adventurousactivities you can do here.

For starters, water activities are very popular.Surfing is one of the most popular activities of Flamingo Beach; this is awater sport that actually attracts many visitors to this country, and Flamingohas great conditions for its practice.

There are also other water activities available, such as scuba diving. The conditions are great for this practice, not just regarding weather, but also because the marine wildlife is incredible abundant.

Playa Flamingo Costa Rica VAcation
Playa Flamingo Costa Rica VAcation

Other practices, like sport fishing, are also popular in Flamingo Beach. But not just water sports are popular here, golf is also an activity you can do here; in fact, a world championship takes place in the area.

Eating and Clubbing in Playa Flamingo Costa Rica

Althoughgrowth has been remarkable in Flamingo Beach due to the tourist growth, thereis not much of a Costa Rican lifestyle in the area; however, there are a fewrestaurants and bars.

There are numerous hotels and resorts with incrediblefacilities for fun in Playa FlamingoCosta Rica; in them, you can find various options including national andinternational options.

Furthermore, if you are looking for places to eat, drink, and have a time in Flamingo you can; however, if you’re looking for a typical Costa Rican experience in a more typical environment, Brasilito beach is a good option.

This small beach town located South of Flamingo is a place whereyou can visit typical Costa Rican establishments; plus, you can feel their popular “pura vida” vibe.

Investment Opportunities in Flamingo Beach

Flamingo Beach is an incredible destination for a vacation; furthermore, this is a growing paradise where the most privileged are taking the opportunity to invest.

This land where the landscapes are synonym of peace and adventure is also experiencing great growth; investing in the Costa Rica beach real estate availablein Flamingo Beach is one of the smartest moves possible.

Whether itis for moving permanently or for making a profit, investing in Flamingo is asmart decision; the economic growth, the natural beauty, and the eco friendlyurban planning are evident and very difficult to ignore.

Flamingo Costa Rica Activities
Flamingo Costa Rica Activities

Visiting the wonderful Flamingo Beach is a risk that you will want to, at least, visit for a second time. It is truly an incredible paradise with the best luxury imaginable.

AMust-Visit Natural Attraction near FlamingoBeach: Las Baulas Marine National Park

National Parks are important tourist destinations in Costa Rica, and Las Baulas MarineNational Park is one you must visit. The park has the name of the species it has been created to protect: the beautiful Leatherback sea turtles.

Every year, numerous turtles of this species arrive in the shores of this park in order toperform a ritual: their magical nesting ritual.

Theseturtles lay their eggs in an incredible phenomenon you can witness; during this time, visits are limited and monitored, but there are night tours you can take to witness the ritual.

However, the park is not just about these turtles; the park protects numerous plant and animal species in land and underwater. 

The park is very near Flamingo Beach; this is an attraction you cannot fail to visit inCosta Rica. Playa Flamingo Costa Rica is an incredible destination; just with one visit, you are very likely to fall in love with this town. Pack up your bags and visit this town; you will find yourself making long-term planes in no time!

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