If you are planning a visit to Brasilito Beach, Costa Rica anytime soon, you are in for a treat; whether you are going on vacation or intending to assess the investment opportunities, though, you want to know all details.

This beach is a paradisiacal destination in Guanacaste Province, Northwest of Costa Rica; you will soon realize that there are no real disadvantages to visiting this town.

Brasilito Beach, Costa Rica: Basic Information

Part of the popular “Gold Coast” in Costa Rica; Brasilito Beach has a sunny weather and beautiful gray sand. This was originally a fishing village, as many of the popular beaches of this area; however, now, it is a promising area for tourism.

The “Gold Coast” is the name given to three neighboring beaches including Brasilito; the other two are Conchal and Flamingo beaches.

These three wonderful destinations are very popular in Costa Rica, their natural features resemble those of the Caribbean Beaches. Brasilito Beach has a local quality of it that brings out the best of Costa Rican culture; however, it is also a land with great investment opportunities.

The tourism industry is gaining force and whether it is to start a business or move, it is an incredible destination.

The Pros of Choosing Brasilito Beach for Investing, Visiting or Moving Permanently

One of the advantages of Brasilito Beach is its location, which allows easy transportation. For starters it is located just 45 minutes away from the international airport of Liberia (Guanacaste’s capital) by car; in addition, by car, it is about 5 hours away from San José, the capital of Costa Rica. These two towns, apart from being central for transportation, are also incredible tourist destinations.

Brasilito beach pros and cons
Brasilito beach pros and cons

In addition, the two other Gold Coast Beaches are very close by; Conchal Beach is at a walking distance from Brasilito, while Flamingo Beach can be reached by a short bus ride.

Costa Rica real estate if you plan on living in Costa Rica, investing for profit, or vacationing is amazing; Brasilito Beach also has many activities available for the whole family. You can have lots of fun here.

Are there Really Cons to Choosing Brasilito Beach as Destination in Costa Rica?

You could prepare for some things if you want to visit this beach; however, there aren’t really cons to visiting this paradise. One of the features that sets Brasilito Beach apart from the other two Gold Coast Beaches is its local vibe; although this typical Costa Rican town is beautiful, some travelers may be looking for more international options. This is no problem.

This not only means options for eating but also regarding nightlife and shops; fortunately, there is a fix to this. The neighboring Gold Coast Beaches can offer travelers these missing features; an addition, they are very close.

Another thing that cannot really be considered a disadvantage of this destination is that it doesn’t have a National Park at a walking distance; however, there is a national park nearby.

What is Brasilito Beach like after the First Trimester of the Year?

As the second trimester of the year starts, the last days of the dry season are coming in Costa Rica. In Playa Brasilito, you can experience a sunny weather; however, you can also feel the two seasons in Costa Rica.

The start of the second trimester of the year is an excellent time to visit; you will most likely not see any rains during your visit to Playa Brasilito as the dry season ends.

During this time, most roads have most likely been fixed, as opposed to when the rainy season has just ended; this means that it is safer to drive and access to some areas is easier in general in Costa Rica.

This also means that if you decide to rent a car for transportation, a 4×4 vehicle might not be as necessary. Brasilito is a destination that attracts many people, which is why it is promising economically.

What Can you Expect from Brasilito Beach?

This is an incredible destination for living in Costa Rica and for a vacation. Brasilito offers not only expensive and luxurious options but also low budget options. This means that a variety of people can visit this beach, including Ticos. If you are considering investing in Costa Rica, Brasilito Beach definitely has options in Costa Rica real estate.

Brasilito beach Costa Rica
Brasilito beach Costa Rica

And this is a destination that promises to keep on growing. In Brasilito Beach, tourists can experience the typical Costa Rican lifestyle and feel their “pura vida”; they can get in touch with these joyful people: the “Ticos”.

Furthermore, in Brasilito Beach you can find international options for eating, and you can find services that satisfy even the strictest tastes. Visit this beach town and you will surely fall in love with this tropical destination!

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