The CostaRica real estate industry has become one of the main focus of investment for the country in recent years, along with the tourism industry. several international Hotels and Clubs have already popped up in Costa Rica’s”Gold Coast” most famous beaches, including Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica and Playa Tamarindo.

However, nowsome of the lesser known beaches in Costa Rica’ “Gold Coast” are going into Development. One of these beaches is Playa Brasilito, a small traditional fishing town just a 45-minute drive away from the Liberia International¬† Airport.

Nautica is a CostaRica real estate property intended for both residential and commercialdevelopment. This investment property for sale is located in PlayaBrasilito, right in the middle of all major beaches in the Guanacaste Province.

What investmentopportunities does this Costa Rica real estate property offer?

This CostaRica real estate property is divided into two commercial and residentialdevelopment sites: the Condo Nautica Project Site and the Condo / Hotel Siteplus the Restaurant / Rental Area and the Owner’s Area.

What does the Condo / Hotel Site offer?

This permitted titled beachfront property for sale has many entitlements, including permits for the construction of 6 beautiful 9-story beachfront condo/ hotel towers. Uniquely located in the middle of Playa Brasilito, it counts with 4 miles of pristine beaches directly in front of it.

Costa Rica Real Estate

Its nearest neighbor is Reserva Conchal, in Playa Conchal, Costa Rica. It is just a 5-minute walk to the south and features the Westin Hotel and the 18-hole RobertTrent Jones Jr. golf course.

What is thereto say about the Condo Nautica Project Site?

This CostaRica real estate property is fully permitted for the construction of 69-story mid-rise condo / hotel towers with both ocean and mountain views. Up to51 2-bedroom and 51 3-bedroom condos plus 6 penthouses can be built here.Permits also allow the construction of a large pool, a gym, and a conference area.

Current permits to the site provide the possibility to convert the condos into hotel units of up to 9 units per floor. Building a Hotel of this magnitude in PlayaBrasilito promises to bring in lots of tourists into this developing town.

condo/hotel of its privileged location, being less than an hour away from all major beaches in Guanacaste; but also because of its closeness to the Liberia International Airport, also less than an hour away from Playa Brasilito.

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