With the unparalleled growth of the Costa Rican tourism industry, a lot of investment opportunities have arisen in the Costa Rica real estate. With the creation of several Tourism Development Centers, the Costa Rican government has sought to attract foreign and local investors in order to stimulate tourism in the country.

One of these Investment opportunities is offered by the Nautica Project. Nautica is a beachfront property for sale in Brasilito Beach, Guanacaste, and is intended for both residential and commercial development purposes. This investment property for sale is just a 45-minute drive away from the Liberian International Airport and a 5-minute walk away from Playa Conchal, Costa Rica.

What investment opportunities does this beachfront property for sale offer?

The Nautica property consists of 2 commercial and residential development sites: the Condo Project Nautica Site and the Condo / Hotel Site plus the Restaurant / Rental Area and the Owner’s Area. These are some of the best investment opportunities you will find in such an exclusive area.

Investment Oppotunities

First we have the Condo Project Nautica. This site is fully permitted for the construction of 6 beautiful 9-story mid-rise towers with both mountains and ocean views. Here, up to 51 2-bedroom (2,154 square feet) and 51 3-bedroom (2,334 square feet) plus 6 penthouses (7,653 square feet) can be built.

Current permits provide the possibility to convert the condos to hotel units of up to 9 units per floor. Permits also include the possibility to build a 600,000-gallon pool, a gym, and a conference area. All infrastructure is already at the site, including paved road access, running water, power, telephone, cable, and internet.

What does the Condo / Hotel Site offer?

This beachfront property for sale consists of 6.7 hectares (16 acres) of land. Its permits allow for the construction of 6 9-story beachfront condo / hotel towers. The oceanfront property for sale is located in the middle of Brasilito Beach and counts with some 4 miles of pristine beaches sitting right in front of it. Also, Conchal Beach is just a 5-minute walk to the south and Flamingo Beach a 5-minute drive to the north.

What about the Restaurant / Rental Area? The Restaurant / Rental Area offers an operating beachfront Bar Restaurant, and the income producing rental properties (the Coldwell Banker real estate office). This section of the property has 75 meters (246 feet) of beachfront and is completely titled to the 50-meter mark, a very unusual find in Costa Rica.

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