In the lastdecade, a lot of investment opportunities in the Costa Rica real estate have arisen. Along with the growth of Costa Rica’s economy and thecountry’s establishment as a pillar for social, economic and political stability in the region; not only tourists have soared into the country, butpeople have actually moved in and made Costa Rica their permanent residence.

Ever since the abolition of the country’s army, Costa Rica has increasingly taken progressive measures in the way it conducts its politics and economy. This has affected positively both its society and the environment, which has been one of the main focus of its policies.

Costa Ricamanaged to virtually eradicate its deforestation rate, from having one of the worst ones in the region in the 1970’s. In the Process, the country created oneof the largest collection of national parks and protected lands in the world.

All this combined with the countries high standard of living, has attracted many foreigners looking to make their home in a tropical country. This is where Nautica comes in. Nautica is a beachfront Costa Rica real estate property in Guanacaste, very close to both Playa Conchal, Costa Rica and Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica.

What are the investment opportunities that this Costa Rica real estate property offers?

The Nautica CostaRica real estate property is located in Brasilito Beach, right in front of 4 miles of pristine beaches. This beachfront property for sale is divided into two commercial and residential development sites: the CondoProject Nautica Site and the Condo / Hotel Site plus the Restaurant / RentalArea and the Owner’s Area.

What does the Condo Project Nautica Site have to offer?

The CondoProject Nautica Site has full permits for the construction of 6 beautiful9-story mid-rise condo towers with both ocean and mountain views. Up to 512-bedroom and 51 3-bedroom condos plus 6 penthouses can be built at the site.Permits also allow the construction of a 600,000-gallon pool, a gym, and aconference area.

Costa Rica Real Estate

Current permits to the site provide the possibility to convert the condos into hotel units of up to 9 units per floor. All infrastructure is already at the site, including running water, power, telephone, cable, internet, and paved road access. The site is ready to start construction right away and comes with construction bodegas and employee quarters.

Does Nauticaoffer any opportunities for living in Costa RicaAsmentioned before, the Nautica Costa Rica real estate property offers theOwner’s Area. This area of the property has five existing condos, a largesemiolympic pool, and spectacular ocean views. The area was designed for you to move right in while you carefully oversee the development of the beachfrontsection of your property.

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